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007 Set your mind on greater | Sharita Leon

If you can’t utilise what is around you, what is within?
— Sharita Leon -

Sharing how an event in her life beyond her control led to living a life on purpose, Sharita Leon is a positive role model for us to realise that we can be greater than our circumstances.  Her warmth and passion for life is so evident as we talk and her inner strength and tenacity such a great lesson.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Sharita

We spoke about

  • The day her life drastically changed

  • Where we put our focus

  • Believing that there is more

  • Tapping into what you already have

  • An attitude of tenaciousness

  • Valuing your talents where you are

  • Reframing a word like mindset

  • Challenging being comfortable in dysfunction

  • Knowing you’re here for a purpose

  • Feeding your mind on what you want not what you are seeing

  • Being in a place where you can make a difference

  • The link between your purpose and feeling fulfilled

  • Finding and being profitable in your purpose

  • Not quietening down our dreams

  • Finding positivity in everything and have fun

  • Being mindful of who you surround yourself with

  • You’re not always going to feel understood

  • We are the ones who need to build ourselves up

Value Quotes

“I had to know that there was more to life”

“It was in me believing that there was more”

“I decided to tap into what I already had”

“Having the attitude to know that I can’t quit”

“If you can’t utilise what is around you, what is within?”

“As long as your mind is not set on being down you’re able to come up again”

“When you set your mind on greater, you have to do well”

“Long suffering and endurance can be your best friends”

“We are all here to build each other up”

“We can prepare ourselves by building up our character”

“Surround yourself with the right people”

“Live out your purpose and don’t be afraid about what others may say or think about you”

“To live a fabulous life you have to take care of yourself”

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