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The quality of your sleep affects the quality of your life
— Bev Roberts

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Why participate in Sleeptember™?

What will it take for you to take care of your self beautiful soul?

Would you wait until you had an accident or collapsed from exhaustion like Arianna Huffington did?

Would you wait until you had health challenges or will you have an epiphany like Marie Forleo did?

Sleep is a KEYSTONE to your WELLBEING.

More good nights sleep means less days with struggle!

Join us now!

The Get on Track challenge has you focus on building awareness of the habits and patterns that block you from waking up feeling refreshed and energised.

The Just 1 Thing challenge has you select one thing to improve your sleep quality and be the consistency queen or king at your one thing for at least 7 days.



"If you always do what you've always doneyou will always get what you've always got" Henry Ford

Scent, Sleep & Ritual Masterclass

If you love ritual then join Julie Nelson and Bev Roberts to harness the power of scent to enhance your sleep. Create the association, develop the ritual and peaceful sleep can be yours.

The virtual Scent, Sleep & Ritual Masterclass was held on Friday, 16 September 2016 and the recording is available.

Access for just AU$20

Julie Nelson

Julie is an Artisan Botanical Perfumer and has 20 years experience in the natural perfume and Aromatherapy industry, thirteen of which she was a professional lecturer at two of Sydney's leading natural therapies colleges.

She has been featured in national publications like Pharmacy Trade, Pregnancy Magazine, Cleo, For Me, Body & Soul, Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald as well as health and beauty blogs and radio segments.

Find out more about Julie at Aromatique Essentials

The quality of your sleep attributes to your everyday life. Sleep deprivation has an unhelpful affect on the mind, moods and emotions, your physical and spiritual being
— Julie Nelson
Julie Nelson


This beautiful journal will be included in your Masterclass ticket price as a bonus.

Experiencing different essential oils and their aroma can have a powerful and instant affect on the mind, moods and emotions.

When experiencing different scents take notice of how you feel emotionally and physically, what comes up for you e.g. memories. Journal your experiences so that you can use your journal as an ongoing reference.

It is filled with natural perfume recipes, inspiring quotes and beautiful images to awaken your senses

Bonus 2: Sleep the Kindest Lover

"Sleep the kindest lover" is an eBook by Bev Roberts that will have you on the fast track to a new you!

Discover the nurturing restorative power of sleep. It's not the number of hours you spend in bed, it's the quality. So take action and make your sleep a priority!

Bev Roberts

Creator of Sleeptember in Australia
Founder of Living Fabulously
Integrative Wellbeing Coach & Change Specialist

I researched everything I could to understand the WHY and HOW of the body and restorative sleep.  I did that because I needed sound evidence to dispel the myth that successful people don't sleep much. I needed to be convinced that sleep was the kindest thing I could do for myself and it was all in my control.

Things are so different for me now that I get quality sleep. I wake up refreshed and energised ready to rule my world and am more creative and productive than I think I have ever been!

I totally and utterly believe that quality sleep, and lots of it, makes us more productive and creative when we are awake. It's my area of expertise and I want to create a shift in the way we view sleep.

So when this brilliant idea struck me I had to take action. We have DryJuly. We have Ocsober.

Now we have Sleeptember™, a month of online events to focus on getting better quality sleep.

Statistics from Dr Michael Breus (Sleep Success Summit)

Statistics from Dr Michael Breus (Sleep Success Summit)

The reason I am launching Sleeptember™ is to build awareness of the upside of restorative sleep and start a movement of sleep lovers who glow with vibrancy and overflow with creativity and productivity.

Chronic health issues are escalating and I believe it doesn’t need to be that way. Even entrepreneur Marie Forleo, the creator of the award-winning online show MarieTV, founder of B-School, is raving about the benefits of sleep: "Not to mention the power of sleep as a performance enhancer and how it impacts nearly every aspect of our health – from our brain, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease to cancer and Alzheimer’s."

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