Do you identify with these statements?

:: I'm so confused with all the conflicting information about what and what not to do to increase my energy

:: I don’t know what to eat anymore but want to stop triggering an immune response and the fatigue

:: I need help to let myself off the hook that this isn’t my “fault” or "failure"

:: I'm in a panic because I can’t sleep and nothing I'm doing is helping

:: I feel so sick and tired of being sick and tired

If so, sounds like you need a wellbeing transformation specialist by your side while you transition to healthier habits that support you

You are ready and willing to break up with the habits that are impacting your productivity, creativity and your business. You want to actively take steps to a VITAL, VIBRANT and CALMER YOU!

>> Walk away with a practical strategy and a plan of action to implement that'll result in a more ENERGISED YOU!

>> Experience a real sense of what it feels like to take back your personal power with choices that are right for you with doable and repeatable steps

>> Plus get community support in a closed Facebook group. You are not alone!

Normally $117 for a 30 minute session. Use the coupon VITALITY at the checkout to receive your gift.

Shonah Belvedere from Shona B Style

I want to share how powerful your sessions are! The changes I experienced after was phenomenal. I admit I go back into old habits at However, that little voice of 'what would Bev say' is loud and clear and as soon as I pay attention and act on your wisdom, I am back on full charge!


Shona B Style

Not able to make the commitment to a coaching session?

It's ok, I understand. So how about the FREE 5 Sleep Hacks that will make a busy person like you smile?