Healthy me Dairy Free

Why Go dairy free?

People have got around the antibiotic residue in commercial milk by choosing organic milk and milk products. I explore the idea that dairy may be nature's perfect food, if you're a calf... and I will explain why

  1. Milk stimulates mucous production
  2. Link to Digestive problems
  3. Inflames chronic skin issues

What is your reason to go Dairy free?


The 3 common problems

I explore 3 problems people share with me when they decide to go dairy free.

The 3 most common problems are:

  1. Hooked on a morning latte
  2. Concerns with getting brittle bones
  3. Can't give up cheese

What problems are you experiencing or that you found a way forward with?


3 Homemade Alternatives

I explore alternatives to dairy products that people feel they can't be without

  1. Cheese
  2. Yoghurt
  3. Butter

You will find hundreds of vegan recipes online

What alternatives have you found that support your dairy free lifestyle?



3 reasons you crave cheese

Today I explore 3 reasons why you may be craving cheese (or other dairy)

1. Comfort food
2. Association
3. Vitamin deficiency

What change will you make to support your next step on your dairy free lifestyle?


Take The Next Step On Your Dairy Free Journey

Would you like to break the cycle of eating Dairy products that are impacting your health?

What about no more brain fog, lethargy, bathroom dramas or snotty nose?

The Healthy me Dairy free webinar is for you if you want simple changes you can implement and stick to with EASE!

>> How to set yourself up for Dairy Free success

>> Ways to go Dairy Free by using an elimination and challenge approach

>> Make Dairy Free choices no matter what your situation

Sign up now for the webinar Healthy me Dairy free and live a Dairy Free lifestyle the easy way


The information provided here & in our programs & webinars should not be seen as medical advice & is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals

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