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Why go gluten free?

Gluten-related disorders are on the rise and increasing numbers of people are turning to a gluten-free diet for a variety of signs and symptoms. I share 3 reasons beyond the medically diagnosed conditions of coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

  1. Wheat is not what it used to be

  2. Gluten is indigestable

  3. Gluten is pro-inflammatory

What influenced your decision to go gluten free?


The 3 Common problems

There will be obstacles to overcome on your Gluten free lifestyle journey and none of them are insurmountable

The 3 common problems I hear about most often are:

 1. It's too hard to give up bread / pasta / biscuits
 2. I will have to make 2 meals
 3. Dinner at family or friends is a pain

What trips you up following a gluten free lifestyle?


3 Simple no fuss travel tips

Travelling Gluten free doesn't mean packing the kitchen sink and the flamingo... true story I took a photo!

You can travel without the fuss with these 3 simple tips:

  1. What to eat before you leave

  2. What to pack in your hand bag

  3. How to find restaurants and supplies wherever you are

What are your strategies for when you travel?


3 easy and simple substitutes

Want 3 nourishing and yummy substitutes for you to use in your gluten free lifestyle?

The 3 most common foods my clients need a substitute for are:

  1. Breakfast cereal

  2. Bread

  3. Pasta

What substitutes are you looking for?


Take the next step on your Gluten Free journey

Want to make Gluten Free easy - whether you are at Home or out Socialising?

No more falling off the wagon, even when you’re visiting friends and family! Or on date night...

The Hassle Free Gluten Free webinar is for you if you want simple changes you can implement and stick to with EASE!

>> How to set yourself up for Gluten Free success

>> Ways to go Gluten Free without feeling like a burden on others

>> No fail hacks to make Gluten Free easy no matter what your situation

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Hassle free Gluten free the easy way!

The information provided here & in our programs & webinars should not be seen as medical advice & is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals

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