Live the Sweet life, Sugar free

Why go Sugar free?

Diabetes and inflammatory digestive conditions continue to rise and increasing numbers of people are wanting to eat for better health, more energy and improved mood.

Beyond diabetes there are 3 reasons I would encourage you to follow a sugar free lifestyle

  1. Avoiding imbalance

  2. Free from addiction

  3. Risk for inflammation

What are your reasons for going sugar free?


The 3 Common problems

I want to explore the 3 common problems I hear about a sugar free lifestyle.

The 3 most common problems are:

  1. It's too hard to give up lollies, chocolate, desserts

  2. I need a sugar hit to give me energy

  3. When I go to someone's home or a cafe the temptation is overwhelming

What problem do you have with going sugar free?


3 easy & simple sugar free swaps

I am a proponent of whole foods and clean eating yet I get that if you are going sugar free it may not be your starting point.

Here are my 3 swaps for :

1. Sugar in hot beverages
2. Chocolate bars
3. Baked goods like cakes and cookies

What swaps do you need to go sugar free?


3 simple no fuss travel tips

Often when we are away from our homes we find it challenging to stay with our sugar free intention.

My 3 tips for sugar free travel are :

  1. How to eat when you’re out and about

  2. What to eat when you’re on the go

  3. The role of movement

What are your travel tips to stay sugar free?


Take the next step on your Sugar Free journey

Has sugar become a comforter when you need to "deal" with things?

For health reasons do you want to get off the sugar merry go round?

Want to stick with your commitment to health, even when you’re visiting friends and family? Or at events or celebrations?

The FREE encore online class Live the Sweet life, Sugar free will enable you to make simple changes that you can implement and stick to with EASE!

We will explore:

  • How to set yourself up for Sugar Free success

  • Ways to go Sugar Free without cravings making you act crazy

  • Shortcuts to make Sugar Free easy no matter what your situation

Join now and live a Sugar Free lifestyle the easy way

The information provided here & in our programs & webinars should not be seen as medical advice & is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals

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