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036 Modern day miracle | Cornelia Constantinescu

I told my husband that we have to forgive the person that hit us, who caused the car accident, because if we don’t forgive that person we can’t heal ourselves
— Cornelia Constantinescu -

What would you do if your young child was so badly injured in a car accident that the doctor’s treatment plan seemed as traumatic as living with a disfigurement? In such a difficult situation Cornelia Constantinescu turned to what she intuitively knew about forgiveness, the belief her child could recover and took action within her control. This truly is a modern day miracle of recovery and creates the context to explore how we can release trauma and bring about healing in our lives.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Cornelia Constantinescu

LiveFab 036 Modern day miracle Cornelia Constantinescu

We spoke about 

  • Cornelia’s journey to find a better life

  • The need for forgiveness

  • A modern day miracle of recovery

  • Releasing past trauma and moving forward freely in our lives

  • The power of Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) as a mind body tool

  • Addressing the experience underpinning your emotions

  • Finding a way to be with ease and joy even when challenging

Value Quotes 

“I wanted to do whatever I knew and I could do or possibly do because I’m a human being”

“I told my husband that we have to forgive the person that hit us, who produced the car accident because if we don’t forgive that person we can’t heal ourselves”

“In 2 days, the same doctors told my husband it’s a miracle that they didn’t see anything like this They asked us what we did that the girl recovered so well”

“I help so many people heal from their illness, with their money and their relationship that for me it was a must to do everything that I knew and could to help my daughter to heal”

“It is very important to get to the root of the trauma or emotion”

“Release the old habit and we put on a new habit”

“We have to address the emotion.  We have to give the emotion a voice because this way we find our balance”

“We are coming from our childhood with the life that we have until we release these traumas and these past experiences. The life that we have is something we learned in our childhood”

“We are so attached to our emotions and our past experiences that we are not even aware that we are doing the same things that our parents did”

“Just be present that the goal is to live fabulously and things will align. A mentor will come. A coach will come. A friend will come. A book will come”

“We are here to help one another and to do great things in the world and we deserve it”

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