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035 Why is change so hard | Dr Bridget Cooper

I love Living Fabulously. Just saying the name of your work is just exactly what we should all be doing more of. Life’s too short to be doing anything else
— Dr Bridget Cooper -

When your guest describes herself as a cage rattler, change agent, thought shifter, sculptor of human potential you know that the conversation is going to be epic. As an author of 5 books on change, Dr Bridget Cooper is refreshingly candid yet empathetic and pragmatic about our transitions with change. As a change strategist she has had her own transformation and is the subject of her latest book ‘Little Landslides’.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Dr Bridget Cooper

LiveFab 035 Why is change so hard | Dr Bridget Cooper

We spoke about 

  • Exploring and accepting your story to embrace personal change

  • Pro-active steps to change vs change because of a crisis

  • Being attentive to our 4 core needs each day

  • Alignment of our work as change agents to expand the positive aspects of living

  • Breaking the cycle of negative self-talk

  • Create a new track by choice

  • Bridget’s new book ‘Little Landslides’ about rising up from personal pain

  • Three beautiful tips for living fabulously

Value Quotes 

“Change puts you in a new position to rethink things you’ve always thought even though they weren’t working, you’ve always thought them and there is some comfort in that”

“Looking at the story and recognising and accepting that it got you where you are but it might not or won’t likely get you to where you need to be” [sic]

“Resistance comes from not feeling mastery over where you’re headed”

“Going to sleep may not meet the need for validation or connection so they’re going to go find it before they go to bed which is going to have them lingering on social media for a long time”

“You can change how you feel if you change how you think”

“Shifting the narrative on how we are coming to the conclusions that bring us to be really berating ourselves”

“What we focus our attention on we get more of”

“Receive things in a way that makes us grateful… and those things then help us to focus in those positive, grateful, abundant kind of mindset vs getting stuck in that old tape of ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not smart enough’, ‘I’m not hard working enough’” 

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