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045 Be a power girl with vulnerability | Sarah Wade

You’ve got to learn quickly how to prioritise and to let things wait. Some days you can’t do it and you say no and it will wait until tomorrow
— Sarah Wade -

It seems almost impossible that two years ago Sarah Wade was unable to speak and walk yet she takes a risk in being a podcast guest with me which is so amazing. Her story is one of courage, fierceness and vulnerability that is filled with lessons for those of us who don’t take time to smell the roses in our lives.  Sarah shares how she is prioritising her self care, people who she values and doing things in a contented way.

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We spoke about 

  • From the corporate world to a water view Cosy Home store

  • Sarah’s life-threatening medical emergency on 1 July 2015

  • The impact of work and emotional stress on Sarah’s wellbeing

  • A complete shift to Sarah’s world as she knew it

  • The journey of rehabilitation

  • Lessons along the way and doing things in a contented way

  • Creating a haven and sanctuary for customers at the Cosy Home store

  • Taking care of yourself is not selfish

Value Quotes 

“If I think about it every day now I wake up to my dream in action”

”I spent just over 35 years in the corporate world where they owned me, now I own me”

“It’s nice to wake up every morning and do something that I want to do”

“My girlfriend who came to visit me tells me that she wasn’t expecting to see me the next day”

“After a couple of days I realised that I wasn’t able to talk and I couldn’t even answer or focus on the questions on Family Feud” (game show on Australian TV)

“I looked around in the hospital and saw other women taking their first steps and I knew at that point that I had a job to do”

“When I look back on when I was in the corporate world, it was too hard to continue doing”

“I’m still finding the right mindset to feel confident every day to talk”

“I knew I would be a different person when I started this journey and I was looking forward to figuring that out, how different I was going to be”

“You’ve got to learn quickly how to prioritise and to let things wait. Some days you can’t do it and you say no and it will wait until tomorrow”

“Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to get through things I guess”

“In order to support your mental health, your spiritual health, you have to eat well no denying that and it has to be every day”

“Every day you’ve got to be taking the time and ensuring you are important and what you want to achieve”

“I was in HR for so many years and I’m still in it! Because when you come into Cosy Home, my store it’s like a haven, it’s like a sanctuary. It’s a great feeling my customers tell me about”

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