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067 Tools to rewire ourselves from the inside out | GuruNischan

If we accumulate wealth but we’re exhausted and we can’t have any health to show for it. What’s the point?
— GuruNischan -

Can you change your relationship to pressure? GuruNischan believes you can harness stress and pressure. We know that health is an inside out job so have you wired yourself to overworking?

GuruNischan is a health coach, educator and speaker who uses the principle we all know and understand to illustrate the body's amazing capacity for change. We know that the electrical activity in the heart and brain can be measured. Join us for this holistic viewpoint of health and achievement coming from and inside out.

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We spoke about

  • Why is the nervous system an electrical system?

  • How we can strengthen by rewiring ourselves

  • Communication highway of life

  • Why we are wired the way we are wired

  • Igniting our own electrical system vs auto default

  • GuruNischan's tips for Living Fabulously

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