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041 Chew on this | Meliors Simms

I’m really trying to set people up to keep their teeth for life
— Meliors Simms -

When someone calls themselves a Holistic Tooth Fairy there’s a curiosity that sparks in me because we don’t often talk about our teeth in relationship to our health.  As a consumer educator Meliors Simms is bringing this conversation mainstream.  Meliors talks with such passion about healing her own teeth using a systemic approach and what is really interesting to me is that a number of other ailments cleared up too.  As she says the “mouth is the gateway to the body” and I concur that this is also to your wellbeing.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Meliors Simms

Meliors Simms the Holistic Tooth Fairy on Living Fabulously with Bev

We spoke about 

  • The final straw of a 7th root canal

  • Impact of diet on teeth

  • Nutritional approach to teeth healing

  • The real reason sugar is not good for your teeth

  • Improvements beyond strong teeth

  • Difference between holistic vs regular dental advice

  • The benefits of healthy teeth and gums

  • The link between our teeth and other organs

  • 4 recommendations to improve the quality of your teeth

  • Prioritising the health of your teeth and gums

Value Quotes 

“Shifting my priority for my health from losing weight to healing my teeth”

“It’s been such a profound thing in my life that not just my physical wellbeing has changed but my emotional wellbeing, my ability to relate to people and to be visible in the world, that has all changed”

“What happens when we heal the gums and the teeth is that we also simultaneously increase the bodies resistance to bacteria and we are minimising the flow of bacteria from our mouth”

“I wish that when I first started having things go wrong with my mouth that I had someone who could point me in the right direction and set me off on a different path”

“I’m really trying to set people up to keep their teeth for life”

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