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066 Live a more colorful life | Dr Deanna Minich

If you look back at history and traditions we have always needed to cleanse and purify. The modern term may be reset. Reset our inner world in order to make sense of what’s happening on the outside
— Dr Deanna Minich -

So much wisdom shared by Dr Deanna Minich who is connecting science, creativity and spirituality. Deanna is an internationally recognised functional health expert, author, teacher, artist plus many more amazing credentials.

It was an absolute delight to talk about living a more colorful life through the lens of Deanna's 7 systems of health that cuts across body, life, foods and symptoms. We explored the relevance of color, detoxification and our shared belief that how you eat is how you live and how you live is how you eat as they're interconnected.

Get these essential insights from Dr Deanna Minich.

What we spoke about

  • Deanna's wellbeing journey and passion for health

  • Color being a unifying force

  • The need to cleanse and purify

  • Resetting our inner world

  • Connecting to our creativity

  • Deanna's book 'Whole Detox'

  • Eating a rainbow of food

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