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022 Take courageous action | Brenda Tsiaousis

Taking action was a very big antidote for the doubt and a very big antidote to the lack of confidence
— Brenda Tsiaousis -

There is nothing quite like uprooting yourself and your family when you migrate only to realise your identity was locked in your career and your self-confidence along with it.  The fabulous thing is that Brenda turned her story around and now lives by the philosophy of taking courageous action and supports other women to have the courage to bloom.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Brenda

We spoke about

  • Brenda’s transition from corporate high flyer to entrepreneur in a new country

  • The value of journaling and gratitude as part of a daily routine

  • How a dip in confidence was connected to a loss of identity of external things

  • Getting clear on what Brenda's identity was rooted in

  • Reviewing and repurposing strengths and skills

  • The benefits of taking action

  • Balancing a business with being a mother and the family

  • Valuing self-care and nurture

  • Cultivating positivity

  • Knowing that we are enough

Value Quotes

“I find that many women who are presenting themselves online lack the confidence and courage to actually take the action”

“One of my biggest challenges as well has been the doubt and confidence issues that go with building a business online”

“All you need to do for personal growth is to become an entrepreneur”

“I have a lot more clarity from journaling and I didn’t expect that”

“The more you express gratitude the better life looks”

“The dip in confidence was loss of identity, not having the status, the title, the fancy houses and cars and good income”

“Taking action was a very big antidote for the doubt and a very big antidote to the lack of confidence”

“Concept of courageous action is doing it even though we do feel uncomfortable because realising that what we really want is on the other side of that comfort zone”

“They need to care for themselves, they only have one of them”

“I can highly recommend and suggest to people that when they get that part of their life right (sic spirituality) everything else seems to flow”

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