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023 Start living without limits | Jo Muir

Choose your thoughts, you can choose to change how you feel
— Jo Muir -

I just love that when you open yourself to possibilities you can learn something about yourself and your journey in life and this interview did just that!  Jo Muir shares the fascinating work she does to help people understand the truth of who they really are and to start living without limits.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Jo


We spoke about

  • Rising above the challenge of growing up in a dysfunctional family

  • The search for the missing “piece”

  • Exploring what Chaldean Numerology is and how it helps us understand ourselves

  • Understanding the Soul Journey both the longing and the challenges

  • The benefits of healing the soul at the point of wounding

  • Finding your soul purpose

  • Using the Akashic records to gain insights, clarity and wisdom into your journey

  • The role of intuition in guiding you

  • How to pay attention to and connect with your intuition

  • Practical examples of how Jo work’s with clients

  • Conscious connection and mindful consumption to live fabulously

Value Quotes

“I love helping people understand the truth of who they really are”

“Start living without limits”

“Start living in that magical space of co-creation”

“The profound difference it made for me to come home to feel like I belonged somewhere”

“So once you understand those gifts and abilities, you can understand what your heart and soul are really longing for”

“People aren’t tuned in so much for intuition because they’re so stuck in their minds”

“Re-membering means coming back together with who you really are”

“If I understood my numbers and how I operate in this world that would have saved me decades of heartache”

“Your beliefs and thoughts are not you”

“Choose your thoughts, you can choose to change how you feel”

“Loving yourself and loving your body are key elements”

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