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005 Step into your story | Jane Turner

The power of stepping into your story is not to be underestimated
— Jane Turner -

I had a vivid image in my mind when Jane described herself prior to 45 as an ego on legs!  Jane has taken her own transformation, from avoiding her emotions to connecting with her self and writing a book to empower others.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Jane

We spoke about

  • Awareness of the baggage we carry

  • Outward success may not be all it seems to be

  • Avoiding emotions and the impact

  • Understanding how to deal with difficulties in life

  • Getting out of the thinking and into the feeling

  • Using the breath to slow everything down

  • A transformation can take some time, energy and effort

  • Fixed vs growth mindset and choice

  • Our heroes journey

  • Connecting with self and connecting with others

  • Pushing out of our comfort zone

  • Not being in victim mentality

  • How life changing writing a book can be

  • Be curious and observe

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Value Quotes

“Prior to 45 I would describe myself as an ego on legs”

“I was deeply fearful of emotions”

“I had a whole lot of dysfunctional behaviours wrapped around what I learned in the womb”

“It wasn’t the easiest journey but gosh it was the journey that needed to be had”

“Nobody’s life is difficulty free”

“Doing, doing, doing and keeping away from feeling”

“Curiously observe your thoughts rather than be entangled in them”

“With a growth mindset you can get better at almost anything”

“You don’t have to be everything to everyone”

“If something hurts feeling that feeling isn’t the worst thing in the world”

“The power of stepping into your story is not to be underestimated”

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