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006 Check in on your self | Pamela Baker

Don’t compromise on the things that give you the greatest joy
— Pamela Baker -

As a multi-disciplinary practitioner, Pamela Baker offers a scientific, integrative and naturopathic perspective with Traditional Chinese medicine, proposing natural solutions for many health problems.  She shares her expertise about acupuncture in a pragmatic and fascinating way.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Pamela
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We spoke about

  • What Acupuncture is and it’s use as a treatment for a vast range of symptoms

  • A rail system metaphor where meridians are the train lines and the stations are the Acupuncture points

  • Comprehensive evaluation of a client at several levels

  • How taking the pulse in Traditional Chinese Medicine is different to a medical perspective

  • The individual basis for diagnosis given the many different causes for the same symptom

  • Different tools utilised based on the chronic nature of the problems

  • How even needle phobics like me can be treated with acupuncture

  • How a seasoned practitioner feels and can modify the energy flow for the individual’s need

  • The desired effects achieved with the needles

  • Each treatment is accumulative and retrains the body at different levels

  • The four basics in life

  • Laughter and joy

Value Quotes

“Cause is often a complex interaction with 2 or 3 organs”

“Going back to first principles and the 5 element theory is often required”

“Make the experience as comfortable as possible but as beneficial as possible”

“Each treatment is accumulative”

“The multiple effects of Acupuncture have a domino effect in the body”

“Check in with your self at all levels”

“Find the things that whittle away at your spirit on a daily basis”

“Laughter really is the best medicine”

“Don’t compromise on the things that give you the greatest joy”

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