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004 Take back control | Ian Cleary

You are the most influential person in your life
— Ian Cleary -

A warm and compassionate practitioner, Ian Cleary specialises in helping people facing debilitating chronic fatigue, anxiety and chronic pain conditions to get unstuck using a brain body training.  He became an advanced Lightning Process Practitioner as a result of the life altering transformation of his wife’s health after 7 years of chronic fatigue.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Ian

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We spoke about

  • When the bio-medical model just does not work

  • The need to understand brain function and neural plasticity

  • Being stuck in a model that something is either physical or psychological

  • A life altering transformation takes work that only you can do

  • It doesn’t matter how long you have had chronic fatigue or pain you can change it

  • What the Lightning Process is and it’s applications

  • Teaching people to take back control of their brain and their body

  • People can get stuck in lots of responses

  • Why the Lightning Process may not suit everyone

  • Why success can happen so quickly when retraining the brain

  • Why some people make change look so effortless

  • People need to be ready to hear a message

  • Why the past is often our best teacher for making radical change in our lives

  • How making sense of the process and readiness can enable people to shift

  • Mental steps people go through to get ready

  • Dealing with the tricky subject of the benefits of being sick

  • Not underestimating the impact of stress

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Value Quotes

“You are the most influential person in your life"

“You don’t have to cope with life, manage symptoms or put up with things"

“The vast number of illnesses are lifestyle illnesses requiring personal responsibility for that change"

“Retrain the brain and the body to respond appropriately to the situation rather than historically"

“The brain is the most trainable, changeable organ in our body"

“It’s empowering to take back charge, to really learn what is going on and then to do something about it"

“Research is clear that it’s patient driven, pro-active responses that often lead to full term recovery"

“People may be desperate but they are not determined"

“It looks miraculous only if you are in the mindset that a slow healing process has to happen"

"I needed to live it, I needed to learn it and I think there is a real value to that"

"Get curious about how you are thinking about this problem"

"Are you ready to take responsibility for your results, your changes and your health?"

"You have to really, really want it no matter what"

"Take back control"

"Learning to be present and consciously calming your body"

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