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008 Shifting your perspective | Erin Browder

Openness is associated with positivity
— Erin Browder -

Being the "invisible middle child" gave Erin Browder a passion to connect with others in a lasting way.  Erin talks about the creative insights journey and how when we shift our perspective on things we can come from a place of receptivity while managing our inner critic.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Erin

We spoke about

  • The life changing impact of hearing a radio show

  • What the Creative Insights Journey is and the many benefits

  • Tools for every day challenges

  • Shifting our perspective to time and stress

  • Applicability to personal relationships through to getting your idea out in the world

  • Using a “wheel of life” as an inventory

  • New perspectives on current situations

  • Shifts and transformations people make in an integrated approach

  • Knowing your own perception to particular tasks is key

  • What to do while undertaking less pleasurable tasks

  • The three E’s

  • Amplifying the enjoyment of achieving goals

  • The challenge of our voice of judgement and inner critic

  • Talking back to the voice of judgement

  • Being still and listening to your intuition

Value Quotes

“We all have problems with time and stress”

“Openness is associated with positivity”

“Are you showing up in your relationships 100% the way you like to?”

“When we attach negative emotions to particular tasks it’s not going to be enjoyable”

“That inner critic gets in our head and just gnaws off at our enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation”

“I am the driver in the relationship with my inner critic”

“There are so many ways we can disprove that inner critic"

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