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009 There's always a way | Sue-Ellen Cordon

Focus on one thing you can do and expand it
— Sue-Ellen Cordon -

Why would a gorgeous woman work as a construction welder and rigger?  Sue-Ellen has a compelling answer and her mindset around wellness is something else.  We spoke about focusing on the non-negotiable in our life that gives us hope for the future in spite of a wellness challenge.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Sue-Ellen

We spoke about

  • The challenge of being chronically ill
  • What level of commitment it took to get well
  • The role of attitude in the process of healing
  • How creating two lists of what you can and can’t do will create change
  • Focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t do
  • How what we focus on is a magnet for more of the same
  • Doing the inner work as part of healing
  • Trusting yourself, instincts and intuition
  • Finding your “personal medicine” and incorporating in your life
  • The priority of self-care
  • Taking a leap of faith
  • Finding another way

Value Quotes

"My commitment and level of faith that it was possible. Possible for me to get well"

"The moment I committed the light of hope switched on"

"The lesson that took me the longest to grasp was that I was in control of my life"

"I needed a serious attitude adjustment"

"Your situation may seem hopeless and helpless but there will be one thing that you can do"

"Going in the right direction is as good as getting to your goal"

"If it took me closer to my goal of wellness I did it again and if it took me further away from my goal I stopped it"

"Follow your dreams and be true to yourself"

"Personal medicines are those little stepping stones that are moments of relief, moments of enjoyment"

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