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010 The power of scent to transform | Julie Nelson

If you love the smell of something it has a powerful effect on you
— Julie Nelson -

Imagine your young child is facing a life threatening illness and by accident you discover something so powerful that helps both of you to cope on all levels and you create a business you love with it.  This is Julie’s story about how essential oils transformed her and her daughter’s life.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Julie

We spoke about

  • How Julie came to be an aromatherapy practitioner and lecturer
  • What aromatherapy is beyond what we traditionally think
  • Essential oils vs fragrant oils
  • Properties of essential oils
  • Effect on mind, body and emotion
  • Knowing the contraindications
  • Safer than most over the counter drugs available
  • Types of application for essential oils
  • Daily rituals and taking action to improve your sleep
  • Using essential oils to promote sleep
  • Transformative power of essential oils

Value Quotes

“I want to help women reconnect with who they are and live who they are”

“I bathed in them, I used them in the diffuser, I made body oils, I lathered myself in them”

“Essential oils are 70 times stronger than the original plant they are derived from”

“Essential oils are made up of hundreds of natural chemicals and those chemicals are what give them their properties and a small amount of those chemicals give them their scents”

“Neroli helps to calm the mind for people who are over thinkers”

“Frankincense is used a lot for meditation and slowing down the mind”

“Never be without your favourite smelling essential oils in your daily life”

“All it take’s is one breath in, one inhalation instantly… you’re going to have a helpful response”

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