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011 Pay attention to the signs & signals | Kimberley Campbell-Zeltner

The body never lies. It will always give us signs and signals
— Kimberley Campbell-Zeltner -

This quote is the truth of the matter and Kimberley encourages us to listen to the signs and signals our bodies give.  Although she uses a combination of modalities, Kimberley specialises in using the Breath-Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery and Acuenergetics® to restore flow, function and balance to the body. We talk about her approach to treating the whole person.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Kimberley

We spoke about

  • Depending how the client presents will inform the approach Kimberley takes
  • Asking questions is a key to revealing underlying known or unknown concerns
  • The unconscious holding of trauma in our cells
  • Where pain and disease come from
  • The impact of emotions on the body
  • Balancing the body’s natural flow and function of energy
  • Tailoring the treatment to the client and their particular situation
  • The value of meditation in healing
  • The impact of multi-tasking on women
  • Allowing yourself to receive support
  • The value of laughter

Value Quotes

“The poor physician treats the symptom, the good physician treats the disease, the excellent physician treats the patient - William Osler”

“It’s not about treating the symptom but about treating the cause of why the symptom has revealed itself”

“Our body has memory and this memory is in our cells”

“Our energy is influenced by the injury, the physical pressure as well as our attitude and thoughts”

“Listen to the signs and signals your body is giving you”

“You’re your best ally”

“Just because we can do everything doesn’t mean we have to do everything”

“If it’s not fun don’t do it!”

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