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015 4 things to build new brain | Bev Roberts

You can become smarter, more creative and more productive than you thought was possible and in my book that’s worth taking action for
— Bev Roberts -

Wow it’s so exciting for me to be talking more about the 4 things that build new brain because every single one Dr Fiona Kerr spoke about are things I value and implement myself.

By now I am sure you have realised I am a sleep maven and yet each of these things have been my own learning as part of my wellbeing journey.  So I wanted to do a deep dive into the 4 things that build new brain and share some practical strategies to implement these.

I spoke about

  • The 4 things Dr Fiona Kerr spoke about which were human interconnection, novelty through learning, movement and sleep

  • Brené Brown's definition of connection

  • The multifaceted value human connection brings to our lives

  • Our learning from others' experiences and insight

  • Safeguarding human connection above new experiences

  • The TED talk by Rita Pierson urging educators to connect with students

  • 3 ideas for creating an opportunity for connection

  • How the brain reacts to novelty

  • My personal experience of retraining my brain

  • 3 ideas from Belle Beth Cooper on how to increase novelty when learning

  • Lauren Gelman's view that movement is medicine

  • 6 ways exercise makes your brain better

  • Ideas for incorporating movement in your life

  • Sleep building new brain

  • The habits and outcomes of someone who has good sleep quality

  • Tash Corbin's experience of getting back to basics

  • Getting better quality sleep is about consistent action and you can keep it simple

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Until next time fabulous podcast listener, I’m Bev and I invite you to live the fab life with me now!

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