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016 Good sleep is not a luxury | Petrea King

Lack of sleep is not the consequence but the cause of really serious illnesses
— Petrea King -

When I met Petrea at a Quest for Life Foundation retreat I heard her story first hand.  I was amazed that months of meditation in a monastery near Assisi in Italy was paramount in her healing from acute myeloid leukemia as was integrating past trauma.  How fabulous that Petrea is living the life she came here to live and through her vision thousands of people are supported to get back into the driver's seat of life.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Petrea

We spoke about

  • The impact of being a coper on Petrea’s health
  • The challenge of living with the uncertainty of a diagnosis
  • Our responsibility with our bodies and brains
  • The mind being a great servant but appalling master
  • The distinction between having feelings but not being the feeling
  • Our first or essential nature is who we are
  • Learning from others and our bodies
  • The opportunity about coming back to the present
  • The need for deep levels of replenishing sleep
  • Learning how to let go both during the day and when we fall asleep
  • A conducive environment to sleep
  • Building a practice of reflecting on the day and any unfinished “business”
  • Practical ideas for supporting you to get better sleep
  • Creating the ritual around the last hour before you go to bed
  • Being able to incorporate in noise as what is
  • How retreats at Quest for Life support people get back in charge of what’s going on
  • Managing all the D’s in life
  • Finding out what it is to live your life on purpose
  • Good sleep is a foundation for wellbeing

Value Quotes

“I’d been putting a lot of emotions down for a very long time and not dealing with them”

“I had my life all packed up in this suitcase ready for the big trip then the plane got cancelled”

“Sleep is a huge issue for everyone in those circumstances”

“Being in right relationship with your body, your mind and your feelings”

“Learn not to take your own life quite so personally”

“Recognise you have a body that you are not your body but you have a body and you do need to nourish it appropriately”

“You have a brain and you need to quieten it down on a regular basis”

“Keep your brain in good company”

“You want to manage your mind and not be managed by your mind”

“You have feelings and recognising that this is not who I am but it is what I am feeling”

“If we can stay with our essential nature then we have more sense of the unity and interconnectedness of life”

“The present moment can become a wonderful refuge from the internal suffering that our mind can bring to our circumstance”

“If you get a good night’s sleep almost everything looks better the next day”

“Many of us are not getting our deep levels of replenishing sleep”

“When we are restless in some way we may never arrive at that deep sleep level or if we do we don’t stay there long enough to really experience the benefits”

“If you go to sleep during the relaxation or at the end of the relaxation you go straight into your deep sleep which would otherwise take you several hours to arrive at”

“Create a sacred space where you can just be with yourself on a daily basis and internally declutter yourself”

“That reviewing time can save a lot of misery in the future because it gives you time to reflect on what has been for the day rather than thinking about it at 10pm when you climb into bed or never thinking about it which means things will begin to fall through the cracks”

“The more tired you get the more likely things are to fall through the cracks and that’s not a good way to run your business or to run your life”

“It’s building in these rituals so that your brain recognises that these are the rituals that I utilise before I go to sleep”

“You need to utilise all of these rituals in the hour before you go to bed”

“Make an absolute commitment to yourself that you don’t think things through in the middle of the night”

“Get back into the driver’s seat of life so you no longer feel a victim in the circumstance of life”

“A deep call from within yourself to get into right relationship with yourself”

”Live the life that you came here to live”

“Be a living demonstration of life unfolding through us and playing the part that we came here to play”

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