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074 Keep questioning the norm | Stephanie Hulett

OK you’re still the old way of thinking and I know from my own body that’s not a good way for me. So I have to kind of ‘Doctor shop’ to find a good fit who understands my goals and the impact of their advice on my body
— Stephanie Hulett -

Imagine growing up with a known chronic illness only to find that the medical system is stuck in the old way of treatment. This has required Stephanie Hulett to have an open mind to thinking what's possible, being in touch with her body and doing her own research.

We hear too often of people feeling the need to share the "bad news" stories with someone who has a named chronic illness. Why is this? Stephanie explores a fine line knowing that her chronic illness can lead to other chronic medical conditions and excessive tiredness. Taking care of herself and balancing her twin passions is now a way of life.

We Spoke About

  • Stephanie's well-being journey

  • Growing up with a chronic illness

  • Having an open mind to what's possible

  • Finding a Doctor who is a good fit

  • Priorities for health

  • Stephanie's tip for Living Fabulously

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