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075 Get unstuck and off the couch | Melanie White

I think when you are so sick that you can’t get off the couch but you look well and people are looking at you saying: What’s wrong? Are you really sick?... it’s really disheartening and challenging
— Melanie White -

When you've experienced in Melanie's words "a year on the couch" you understand that well-being is not one aspect only. Too many times we focus on the physical aspect and overlook that we are emotional, soulful and mental beings.

Melanie shares ideas on knowing what your early warning signs are so that you avoid heading into a health crisis. Prevention is definitely better than cure. We are often disconnected from what our bodies and minds are telling us and soldier on to our detriment.

Get these and other essential insights from a conversation with Melanie White.

We Spoke About

  • Melanie's journey with chronic fatigue

  • The four aspects of well-being

  • Integrative nature of our health

  • Melanie's tips for Living Fabulously

  • Asking for help and letting go of expectations

  • The need for personal boundaries

  • Getting back on track

  • Create a good baseline

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