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073 Be open and curious | Delisse Lazarra

Do the things that you know that you need to do to look after yourself and commit to yourself first before you commit to anybody else
— Delisse Lazarra -

When someone so young has experienced chronic fatigue for so many years one questions how can this be resolved? Delisse Lazarra has grappled with brain fog, headaches and fatigue that made it almost impossible to work.

You can imagine that when your health issues are chronic it's very hard to give focus and attention to everything at once. Delisse is courageously making her health a priority, getting back to basics and creating the space to thrive by being open and curious.

We Spoke About

  • Delisse's well-being journey

  • Understanding the link between chronic fatigue and infection

  • Maintaining energy and a business

  • Making health a priority

  • Reducing overwhelm and anxiety as an empath

  • Delisse's tips for Living Fabulously

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