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076 Non-negotiable - Health AND Business | Tash Corbin

Create something where you get to be the boss and you get to decide what your priorities are. I actually think that will be to the betterment and the health and wellbeing of women around the world
— Tash Corbin -

What a refreshing viewpoint from Tash Corbin, who shares that in her business plan her health and wellbeing is one of her top priorities. As an entrepreneur her perspective comes from the premise that her business both in name and brand exist because she is able to bring her best each day.

How many hours do you work a week? My aspiration is to be in the position where Tash is right now. Core to her health is limiting her work hours.

Get these and other essential insights from a conversation with Tash Corbin.

We Spoke About

  • Tash's journey with adrenal fatigue

  • Detoxing from corporate

  • The four aspects of well-being

  • How society hyper values being busy

  • Tash's tips for Living Fabulously

  • Being willing to ask for what you need

  • All or nothing thinking

  • 3 tips for getting back on track

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