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077 Living in the neighbourhood of your purpose | Tracy Otsuka

The best days for me are days where I feel proud of myself... I think that is probably the best feeling you can have. Because when you feel proud of yourself it means you did something outside of your comfort zone that you didn’t think you could do
— Tracy Otsuka -

What a great insight on living your purpose from Tracy Otsuka, who says we don't find our purpose, it's been with us from the time we were born. As a successful serial entrepreneur, her perspective comes from her own search for a personal blueprint.

Do you know who you are? What's important to you? Where the neighbourhood of your purpose is? What to do with your life?

Get these and other essential insights from a conversation with Tracy Otsuka, creator of Coretography.

We Spoke About

  • Tracy's journey to find her blueprint

  • Wisdom from Tracy in 'Hope in a Dark Tunnel'

  • Why we don't "find" our purpose

  • Testing using our internal rudder

  • Why is this happening TO me versus FOR me?

  • An exciting vision for Bev

  • Tracy's non-negotiables for Living Fabulously

  • Moving out of your comfort zone

  • An approach to testing your purpose

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