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078 Holistic self leadership | Karen Gunton

I like this idea of self leadership because for me it reminds me that it’s up to me. No one else is going to come along and tell me what to do and how to do it. No one is going to pull myself out of the stuckness and show me the direction I need to go. It’s up to me.
— Karen Gunton -

Author, educator and unstucktor Karen Gunton knows personally that a journey to shine your light is one worth taking. Karen is the powerhouse behind me getting my book crowd funded and out in the world. She is also the very talented designer of my book and journal covers. A gifted woman with amazing talents.

Karen is such a warm and generous soul. Her focus is on self leadership, with a passion of working with women to be in alignment holistically. She shares her thoughts about health, consistency and showing up with the wisdom and courage that makes me love her even more.

Get these and other essential insights from a conversation with Karen Gunton, author of Lighthouse Revolution.

We Spoke About

  • Self leadership in all areas of our life

  • Why integration of four aspects is key

  • Karen's non-negotiables for Living Fabulously

  • Taking the very next step

  • Karen's message who 'Hope in a Dark Tunnel'

  • Is the need to stay consistent putting more pressure on ourselves?

  • Permission to choose the one doable thing

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