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083 Reclaiming all of your Self | Perry Janssen

Along the way it’s kind of like the lights have started to dim a little bit, where they’ve lost the sense of internal self and they’ve lost all these different kind of parts of themselves
— Perry Janssen -

A seeker of the truth with a desire to understand how to heal and move through personal challenges, Perry Janssen recognises that there is no one way to heal because of our uniqueness. Her mission is to help people reclaim that unique part of themselves.

A qualified and highly experienced psychotherapist, Perry and I explore the dynamics of what we perceive as “normal” and the way we learn what comfortable is in our environment. We also spoke about the external focus of viewpoints like ‘change your mindset’ or ‘think positive’ without the internal focus of discharging heated emotion.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Perry Janssen.

We spoke about

  • Why we waste so much energy on our inner critic

  • Why we often choose to stay in our comfort zone

  • Exploring the term “reclaiming your wild”

  • The crucial need for self-care

  • Supporting yourself to know who you are

  • Perry’s tips for Living Fabulously

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