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019 The Science of Snoring | ass Prof Danny Eckert

If you prioritise sleep and are getting good quality sleep on a regular basis this is how you get the most out of life
— Associate Professor Danny Eckert -

As a sleep and breathing scientist, Associate Professor Danny Eckert’s works to understand the cause of sleep apnoea and develop alternative therapies.  I was shocked by the statistic that a million Australians are affected by sleep apnoea and Danny explains the variety of causes however it is clear that the 3 pillars of health – sleep, nutrition and exercise all play a role.

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We spoke about

  • How Danny went from an elite cyclist to a sleep and breathing scientist
  • The spectrum of a breathing disorder from simple snoring through to severe sleep apnoea a serious health condition
  • What happens when someone snores
  • Factors affecting snoring
  • Impacts of a breathing disorder on how people feel during the day
  • Managing the factors within our control to minimise or eliminate snoring
  • Changes to therapies over time
  • Simple ideas to reduce the impact of snoring
  • Benefits of quality sleep
  • Ideas for enhancing the quality of your sleep
  • The science of understanding the causes of sleep disorders
  • The impact of sleep disorders on the body
  • Paying attention to the ongoing symptoms
  • The need to seek professional help
  • Misperception about who snores

Value Quotes

“Simple snoring is quite benign other than it’s effects on the bed partner of course!”

“People with untreated severe sleep apnoea are 7 to 8 times more likely to crash their car”

“If you sleep on your side it tends to be more favourable for breathing"

“Sleep is one of the 3 pillars of health”

“If you prioritise sleep and are getting good quality sleep on a regular basis this is how you get the most out of life”

“We know from many studies that exercise and activity during the day helps your sleep at night”

“Over a million Australian adults have sleep apnoea”

“Sleep apnoea affects every single organ in the body”

“Untreated sleep apnoea can cause cardio-vascular disease and premature death”

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