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044 The secrets to more time | Tom Evans

I noticed on days that I meditated I had a much better day and the world seemed to be kinder to me. On days I didn’t, I felt it was like pushing water uphill
— Tom Evans -

Many people talk about the value of meditation yet Tom Evans adds so much more to the conversation by focusing on the investment of even 10 minutes a day to achieve practical outcomes. Tom provides meditations for many and varied topics like weight management, relaxation, boosting creativity and avoiding jet lag. We touch on Tom’s concept of managing time mindfully to be more effective and create better outcomes for ourselves by not being enslaved by our relationship to time

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Tom Evans

We spoke about 

  • How a BBC engineer became a spiritual engineer of mind, body and spirit

  • Discovering practical mindfulness

  • Making meditation playful and accessible

  • Investing time for practical outcomes

  • Scale of effects from 10 minutes of daily meditation

  • Where to begin with meditation

  • Tom’s two main applications of meditation

  • Switching on new super sensibilities

  • Reaping the benefits of meditation

  • Tom’s course Mindfulness Based Time Management

  • Seeing life as a joy

Value Quotes 

“I started meditating like many people to reduce stress and anxiety but I very quickly discovered this practical aspect to it”

”I noticed on days that I meditated I had a much better day and the world seemed to be kinder to me. On days I didn’t, I felt it was like pushing water uphill”

“The normal human mind can only have one thought at a time”

“As soon as you start to flip the attention away from the now you lose efficiency and so what mindfulness techniques get you to do is to be present in the now”

“You don’t have to meditate formally with your eyes closed and headphones on. You can meditate just by getting out in nature”

“Every day you’re going to treat yourself to 10 minutes of me time”

“One of the things I’ve noticed about Insight Timer app is that the most popular meditations are those that help people get to sleep”

“To me meditation has two applications. One is remedial where it fixes something… but my main area of work, research and fun is generative meditations that awaken us to new levels of consciousness”

“The main benefit [of meditation] is that you become luckier. Instead of pushing water uphill the world starts to work for you”

“With the quiet mind you get from meditation, that continues out of the meditation throughout the day so you become better at noticing things”

“If you look down it switches the internal dialogue on in the head and if you look slightly up it switches it off”

“See life not as a chore but as a joy”

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Tom Evans on Living Fabulously with Bev podcast talking about practical mindfulness
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