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024 Find your bliss and magic | Emma and Carla Papas

Living fabulously is about following the joy and the fun, so take note of actually what brings you happiness each day and do more of that
— The Merrymaker sisters -

The fabulous Merrymaker sisters, Emma and Carla Papas are such a buzz without the caffeine!  What a joy to have an open and meaningful conversation about their own wellbeing journeys and what following their bliss has meant for them.  I love how infectious their zest for life is and how they are so aligned and walking their talk yet keeping it real by keeping things simple.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker sisters 

The Merrymaker sisters

We spoke about 

  • Why and how the Merrymaker sisters help others to live a healthier, happier more magic filled life
  • How body image issues and constant dieting can transform through focus on a real food lifestyle
  • How the magic in our lives comes from the little things
  • Building awareness of how you can make changes to your day and attitude
  • Creating a toolbox of things to draw on
  • Simple changes to improve your wellbeing
  • Factoring in your workplace and relationships as part of your wellbeing
  • Figuring out and following your bliss even in your everyday activities
  • Motivators that keep us inspired and growing
  • Prioritising your health when you’re really busy or travelling
  • Connecting your health actions to your values and scheduling them in your calendar
  • Benefits of adding more fun and gratitude to your day 

Value Quotes 

“Sharing that journey with other people allows them to connect and know that are not alone:

“Society puts on these little goals for you. Like you know find the boyfriend, find the husband and have the kids, buy the house…that sucks out the magic of everything”

“It’s like this whole “should be” life. This is what you’re supposed to be doing”

“The magic comes from the little things”

“We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to the world to just live and fulfil our lives 100%”

“If we don’t make a change, it just stays the same”

“Knowing I can choose to change that if I do feel negative”

“Create your own toolbox of things, mantras, actions that help pull you out of those situations”

“Gratitude is the biggest game changer in the whole wide world”

“When you feel something is a bit off, getting in tune with yourself and taking action. There is so much power in that”

“There might be a reason to why you are feeling a certain way and the only way you’re going to figure it out is if you go on this self-discovery which you might need to hire help to do that with”

“It’s about one small step after small step. You don’t have to do it all at once”

“If you’re surrounded by negative toxic people that will impact your health”

“Being surrounded by like-minded people can re-ignite passion and change so much”

“If you don’t have those positive relationships go and find them”

“Your day will get more magical if you add more fun, if you add more of that joy”

“Find what you really love doing and open yourself up to the possibility as well”

“Breaking down how you get to a goal and enjoying that process”

“It’s also being ok with not being motivated all the time”

“Scheduling health actions in my calendar helps to remember to do it and it keep’s me accountable”

“You never leave a workout thinking ‘man I wish I didn’t do that’”

“Living fabulously is about following the joy and the fun, so take note of actually what brings you happiness each day and do more of that”

“Gratitude is fabulous so note 3 things you are grateful for each and every single day”

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