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028 Be accountable for the life you choose to live | Annette Tonkin

Be aware of what you are putting into your brain as it will affect your life
— Annette Tonkin -

Being at the Olympics was the pinnacle of success for Annette who achieved this yet realised that she wasn’t happy. She had spent so much of her life trying to prove that she was good enough and it was a dark period but thankfully Annette has learned how to manage her anxiety and depression.  

We talk about her journey, her insights and strategies. It is fabulous that Annette now fulfils her passion by working with health professionals to transform the way they work with patients to improve outcomes for everybody.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Annette

Annette Tonkin

We spoke about 

  • A dual life of internal mess and external success

  • The impact of trying to prove she was good enough

  • Power of the mind body connection

  • Role of unconscious conditioning in the beliefs we acquire

  • Changing your beliefs by changing the wiring of your brain

  • Personal strategies for dealing with overwhelm, anxiety and dark thoughts

  • Managing frustration and anger

  • Awareness and impact of self-talk, blaming and complaining

  • Being aware of what you are putting into your brain

Value Quotes 

“Acute awareness of the mind body connection and how difficult it is to get over injury or illness if you don’t have the right mindset”

“Some of the self-talk I did I wouldn’t even do to my worst enemies”

“It taught me a powerful lesson about achieving things that are important to you, not to prove yourself to other people”

“Just because you decide to do something doesn’t automatically mean it’s there and it’s happened”

“The mind body connection is that one can’t exist without the other”

“There is some fantastic research coming out on how the mind influences what goes out into body, into the healing rate of the body and the reception of the mind of what’s going on”

“You can change any conditioning or any belief you have as long as you make a decision to do it, have something to fill it with and then be prepared to put in the hard work”

“The more entrenched the habit and the more benefits the habit has for you at an unconscious level the harder it is to change”

“Asking the one single question of what’s important now, Lou Holtz WIN strategy, and recognising what the most important thing I can do now and then do it”

“Once you take action overwhelm seems to dissipate to some degree”

“It’s very hard to breathe slowly and deeply and stay anxious at the same time”

“See anxiety as a friend and ask what it’s trying to tell me”

“Asking myself what’s real right now help’s me put a better perspective on it”

“I’ve become very aware of what’s going into my brain”

“No matter what happens my feelings are my responsibility”

“Your mind is complicit in the provocation of any emotion you have”

“Be really aware of what you are putting into your brain through the five senses”

“Your brain will affect what you think, what you think affects how you feel and what you feel affects what you do”

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