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013 Never going back | Samantha Jerrett

I didn’t know how good I could feel and I don’t want to not feel this good
— Samantha Jerrett -

We have been working together for the last 6 weeks and the transformation to Samantha Jerrett's sleep challenge is in her words phenomenal and she never wants to go back to how it was. It is extraordinary what we perceive to be normal for us until something disrupts our thinking and we realise the impact on our daily lives. A lack of quality sleep is one of those things.

Inspire yourself with these insights from Samantha’s journey

We spoke about

  • The challenge Samantha had falling asleep from her pre-teens

  • Acceptance that being tired was normal

  • Impact on her mood and mothering her daughter

  • Getting out of bed being really hard

  • Not realising how much of a problem this was

  • What she tried to resolve her sleep problem

  • Actions Samantha is now taking consistently

  • The positive effects in such a short time

  • The need to take consistent action even when faced with obstacles

  • Level of effort required

  • The role of accountability and insight

  • Keeping it simple and rebuild new sleep habits

Value Quotes

"Getting out of bed was really hard"

"I was just so tired I couldn’t get going"

"Tried going to bed earlier but just lay there longer"

"When I realised how good I could feel that made me really stick with it and change it from there"

"Tea is my comfort so to limit that has helped as well as I didn’t realise how much of an effect that was having"

"I just don’t feel so yucky"

"I would normally spend 3, 4, 5 hours in bed wasting time and now I just go to sleep"

"It’s not about being perfect it’s about being consistent"

"I couldn’t believe how insanely simple all the little things you suggested were"

"What I was doing wasn’t working so I’ve got to do something else"

"Putting it down on paper just brought a lot of things to light"

"I didn’t know how good I could feel and I don’t want to not feel this good"

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