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056 A healthy kind of selfish | Dr Linda Joy Rose

If you don’t learn a healthy kind of selfishness you usually wind up with an unhealthy selfishness
— Dr Linda Joy Rose

Healthy living expert, therapist and author Dr Linda Joy Rose paints the picture of a driven and successful woman who initially didn’t recognise the signals her body was giving her.  Constant travelling took its toll on LJ and this resulted in an autoimmune disorder.  Recovery came in the form of nutrition and directing her passion. LJ has since been teaching, speaking and writing on the subject of natural wellness.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Dr Linda Joy Rose

We spoke about

  • LJ’s wellbeing challenge

  • Relationship between autoimmune disorders and stress

  • Recovering from a non-specific autoimmune disorder

  • Working consciously to break the stress habit

  • 20 breaths technique

  • Using meditation as a practice

Value Quotes 

“I’ve found that with autoimmune is something that is very common in the wounded healer”

“I do need to admit that there was a long time that I was not really taking care of myself. It’s like I had forgotten everything I knew.”

“If you don’t learn a healthy kind of selfishness you usually wind up with an unhealthy selfishness”

“My passion was back and I think that had a really big part in my healing process as well as getting a lot more nutrition in my food”

“Stress is a habit”

“It’s not always what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you”

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Dr Linda Joy Rose has kindly shared the following links to complement the 20 breaths technique.

Proprietary relaxation music which has alpha and theta brainwave patterns – this can be combined with the 20 breaths technique and used for meditation – it’s 15 minutes.

A hypnotherapeutic module called “ongoing wellness” to help condition the subconscious to be receptive to making better lifestyle choices.


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