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040 Get out of the pit of despair | Becky Howell

Mindset and happiness, understanding yourself and baby steps is the difference between being in the pit of despair and living a fabulous life
— Becky Howell -

What a delight to hear how Becky has transformed her own life along her health journey and is speaking out on the significance of happiness and healing in our lives.  What would you do if no one around you believed you were unwell?  Becky chose not to stay in a pit of despair and took one small step at a time to reclaim her health.  In this interview Becky shares some great tools and techniques on how she rose above her circumstances.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Becky Howell

Becky Howell on Living Fabulously with Bev

We spoke about 

  • A challenging health journey rendered more difficult by disbelief

  • What stimuli carry you through to start to get better and find your health

  • The decision to focus on one step at a time

  • How honesty, patience and a sense of humour can support you

  • Using the analogy of 5 spoons to build awareness about capacity

  • A worst day illustration from Becky’s journey

  • The evolutionary evidence of your life purpose

  • Being more vocal to help spread the message

  • Becky’s latest book “My happiness book”

  • Taking small pleasures and elevating them

  • Tips for living fabulously through more happiness, objectivity and mindset

Value Quotes 

”There was just my husband and I. There was no one that we could find that would help. There was no one that would believe me. There was just nothing”

“I started learning natural and alternative methods to find my way back to health”

“Attitude and mindset is totally key”

“Mindset and happiness are the key to leveraging the energy you have to get better”

“Fibromyalgia is the cocktail if you want to experience a bunch of things at once”

“Mindset and happiness, understanding yourself and baby steps is the difference between being in the pit of despair and living a fabulous life”

“Most people don’t know what happiness is made up of or they don’t know how to access it and bring more of it into their lives”

“Enjoy your pleasure so much that it’s indecent – Coco Chanel”

“There are so many pockets of time that we do have and we need to reclaim those”

“Don’t let what a doctor may think about you get in the way of finding help”

“No one will have all the insight or info you do about your body.  If you can reach a point that helps you to leverage your info and match that with a medical plan, you will find your healing much faster” 

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