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050 3 lessons from a reformed sleep-deprived executive | Bev Roberts

There’s no time like now to stop, put yourself first and make a choice to live fabulously
— Bev Roberts -

Celebrating the 50th episode of the Living Fabulously with Bev show! Thank you so much for lending me your ears for the past year and I trust that the expert insights and inspirational stories have enabled you to make a choice to make a change for the better.

It’s the first day of Sleeptember®, a month of events focused on supporting you to get better quality sleep so I decided to share 3 lessons to show that it is possible to make step changes and you don’t need to wait until you fall off a health cliff.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from your host Bev Roberts

I spoke about

  • Resilience to stress being a complete myth

  • Being forced to slow down

  • Not letting go of your passion and dreams

  • Was it the glass ceiling?

  • The impact of not having an off switch

  • Giving myself permission

  • Making better choices about priorities

  • Learning to relax and meditate

  • The value of quality sleep

  • Three ways to change your sleep story

Value Quotes

“Today my life cannot be compared to what it was for all the right reasons”

“Being forced to slow down is not an easy task for an A type personality”

“There’s no time like now to stop, put yourself first and make a choice to live fabulously”

“I woke up to the fact that my body is my vehicle for life and when it doesn’t work optimally nothing else is possible or enjoyable”

“The challenge when you are sleep-deprived is that you fall asleep from sheer exhaustion but you don’t sleep deeply or stay asleep”

“I was amazed that putting in place simple rituals could have such a profound effect as a wind down to sleep”

“I’ve made it my mission is to shift entrepreneurs and professionals from being tired but wired to refreshed and energised every day”

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Until next time fabulous podcast listener, I’m Bev and I invite you to live the fab life with me now! 

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Bev Roberts on Living Fabulously with Bev
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Bev Roberts on Living Fabulously with Bev