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084 Lifestyle stress or chemical imbalances? | Jackie Lowater

If we’re under chronic stress, we’re always in that state of fight and flight and we can’t get to rest and digest. We’re not absorbing our nutrients properly and our body never gets to repair and replenish itself
— Jackie Lowater -

Stress is relentless in our external world and it’s impact on body is far reaching. In this episode we explore that impact and how the solution required for chronic stress is different based on the root of the underlying problem. It may require a lifestyle change or addressing a chemical imbalance or both.

Jackie Lowater is a multi-modal practitioner and has expertise as a naturopath, homeopath, reflexologist and massage therapist. She helps people in every stage of life to achieve and maintain good health, giving them the freedom to live fully.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Jackie Lowater.

We spoke about

  • Why minimising stress is key to well-being

  • Determining underlying chemical imbalances

  • The relationship between stress, magnesium, zinc and copper

  • The impact of pyrrole disorder on the body

  • Recommendations for addressing pyrrole disorder

  • Jackie’s tips for Living Fabulously

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