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085 On the other side of a no is a yes | Tom Corner

There are things in life that we believe we can’t accomplish or overcome but actually we can and what prevents us from doing that is really our mind and our thoughts
— Tom Corner -

In this episode you will meet a heart-centred man, Tom Corner who wrote his wife's memoir to celebrate and honour what she went through with a cancer diagnosis in 2003. Their search for the right Doctor, transforming their bodies and minds plus the miracle of three daughters in the years that followed is such a powerful story.

Tom shared that he needed to write "Mommy, Why do you have two birthdays" to create the cathartic experience for himself too. His focus is on the power of belief and that it's ok to be "vulnerable", to be loving, because love is our strength.

If you or anyone you love is going through a health crisis you will recognise the truth of what Tom shares and learn from their courage of not taking no for an answer.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Tom Corner.

We spoke about

  • Honouring and celebrating his wife Pam’s life and journey

  • Making sense of a cancer diagnosis

  • The power of unwavering belief and love

  • Living a full life

  • Tom’s legacy

  • Two key actions to take

  • Tom’s tips for Living Fabulously

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Tom Corner talks about his book Mommy Why do you have two birthdays on Living Fabulously with Bev P.png
The Corner family with Dr Bi who supported Pam to heal from Stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

The Corner family with Dr Bi who supported Pam to heal from Stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

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