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063 Listen to your body's wisdom | Claire Tait

The theory is that any type of illness and disease will start in your outer layers. That’s why I’m always interested in looking at these spiritual etheric layers
— Claire Tait -

There's a presence and joyfulness that beams from Claire Tait that's so uplifting. Join us as we discuss how one can find joy, healing and peace through listening to your body's wisdom.

Claire is a passionate practitioner and I love the way she describes holistic kinesiology using terms such as energetic poetry and your body's innate wisdom.

By creating the right conditions, the body will gently self-heal from multiple aspects because your body is always wanting to come back into balance.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Claire Tait

We spoke about

  • Claire's interesting journey to kinesiology

  • The practice of kinesiology

  • How a session with a client may unfold

  • Using kinesiology to facilitate lasting change

  • The use of affirmations

  • Claire's 5 pillars of wellbeing

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