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095 Why willpower for wellbeing goals is unsustainable | Bev Roberts

You’re giving more for the body to do each time you stop and start a fixed term rigid eating program
— Bev Roberts -

In this pro bono coaching session, Bernie shares how her brain fog and exhaustion have impacted her ability to run her business.

As you listen you will understand why your momentum gets short circuited because it’s hard to maintain strictness once a group program is over. You end up starting again every time you follow a rigid eating program that is not tailored to your specific needs.

We spoke about

  • Why Bernie wanted to work with Bev

  • Bernie’s health journey to date

  • How Bernie loses momentum each time she finishes a challenge

  • What Bernie has tried to resolve her exhaustion

  • The significant impacts on Bernie and her business

  • Easy actions for Bernie to make good choices in the moment and most of the time

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