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094 Lowering the risk of cancer with Holistic Living | Nicole Bathurst

I was using alcohol to anaesthetise myself. Alcohol gave me the relief of having to think.
— Nicole Bathurst -

By her own admission as a dietitian, Nicole Bathurst thought she was the last person who would get breast cancer.

In this vulnerable conversation we get to the heart of what Nicole believes were the underlying factors in receiving a diagnosis.

We discuss a holistic approach to minimising risk and explore the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer because it is as strong as the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

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We spoke about

  • Nicole’s journey with breast cancer

  • Recurring thoughts in a cancer survivors mind

  • Some of the unknown risk factors that may contribute to cancer returning

  • Doing everything you can to reduce risk

  • The role of a science-based diet and lifestyle practices

  • Where to start if you want to thrive

  • Nicole’s tips for Living Fabulously

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