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Lyme Disease

071 Change your mind and your health | Sharon Falchuk

It was good to have an answer but as a lot of people will know having an answer isn’t everything because then that’s when “oh now what do I do next” happens
— Sharon Falchuk -

Imagine your treatment plan is not working and your Doctor says "we're in real trouble now". Adding to the feeling of hopelessness you are told that it's likely you've passed on a chronic illness to your child.

Sharon Falchuk does not know how she drove herself home after this distressing conversation. When wasting away in bed and she had hit rock bottom, her tipping point was being open to possibility.

We Spoke About

  • Sharon's well-being journey

  • Strong link between nutrition and recovery

  • Why some people need extra care in life

  • The power of the mind and healing the body

  • Strategies for remaining resilient

  • Awareness and being intentional

  • Susceptibility to mystery illness

  • Sharing information to help others

  • Sharon's tips for Living Fabulously

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