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064 Lean into discomfort to grow | Dr Tari Mack

Most people I would say choose security over happiness and they don’t even do it consciously. It’s just how our society is built
— Dr Tari Mack -

Difficult doesn't mean impossible so lean into discomfort to grow is the key message from Dr Tari Mack.

Tari is a clinical psychologist with a passion for blogging who is helping people understand what get's in their way and having the life they want. Even with our best intentions we can stay stuck or self-sabotage and we explore how to bust out of our comfort zone.

Take a listen to what Dr Tari Mack shares on leaning in

We spoke about

  • Our comfort zone

  • Moving from stuckness into growth

  • Common ways we self-sabotage

  • Getting out of our own way

  • The role of a mantra

  • Unconditional self-love

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