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051 Sleep will make you feel and function at your best | Andrea Beaman

Just like the eyes get tired, the internal organs get tired as well
— Andrea Beaman -

Her passion as a natural foods chef, holistic health coach, herbalist and an educator is palpable and I’m delighted that Andrea Beaman and I share a mutual love for educating people to reclaim their health and vitality. We explore the impact of stress and the link to sleep with how we feel and function.

Andrea dispels several myths that people hold about thyroid function. You may be surprised at the interconnectedness of the thyroid with aspects like weight gain, emotional health and energy. It will likely be different to what you have been told!

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Andrea Beaman

We spoke about 

  • Andrea’s wake-up call with her own health

  • The huge responsibility of the thyroid gland in the body

  • Impact of stress on the function of the thyroid

  • When the thyroid comes to the rescue

  • The link between sleep, stress and the endocrine system

  • Impacts of inadequate sleep on all systems in the body

  • The role of sleep in a clear focused brain

  • The emotional connections to thyroid function

  • The nature of recurring illnesses

  • How you can love and take care of yourself to your best ability

  • Get adequate rest and nourish yourself deeply

Value Quotes 

“I’m grateful for my illness because it really woke me up”

“The thyroid is not a solo operator. It lives on the endocrine system with it’s brother and sister glands”

“People will blame weight gain on the thyroid but weight gain is probably more due to stress”

“When you are under a tremendous amount of chronic stress all the time. It physically exhausts the body. The body goes into a state of depletion… there is only so much energy that it has”

“I would not suggest that people be on their electronic equipment after 8 o’clock at night especially if they are having trouble sleeping”

“If we do not get the sleep that we need all of the metabolic processes are disrupted”

“If you do not get adequate sleep your digestive system does not function well. You will actually crave more sugar and fat the next day”

“Just like the eyes get tired, the internal organs get tired as well”

“If the heart is not at ease or at rest then it will keep the mind up at night”

“When the body becomes physically depleted the emotions are on edge”

“The thyroid is connected to our fifth chakra and the fifth chakra is your ability to communicate and express yourself gracefully and effectively”

“The immune system doesn’t attack the body for no reason.  The human body is brilliantly designed”

“So that’s where Hashimoto’s will come in and Graves… those autoimmune conditions… on the spiritual and emotional levels”

“Human beings are multi-faceted creatures. So we’re living in a physical body but right beneath that is an emotional body and connecting everything is a spiritual body”

“If you’re having recurring illnesses that keep popping up over and over again. Stop looking at the physical and go deeper. Go deeper into the emotional body, go deeper into the spiritual body and see what you can learn from this…”

“Allow loving supportive relationships to nourish you on that emotional and spiritual level”

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