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020 Power of perspective | Katie Wyatt

Living fabulously comes back to living with joy
— Katie Wyatt -

If it weren’t for Katie Wyatt I wouldn’t be podcasting! Her enthusiasm and love for the podcasting platform lit a flame in me. So this is a celebratory 20th episode with my podcast coach as we explore my two favourite topics of wellbeing and sleep with the perspective that these are investments because we are playing a longer game.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Katie

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We spoke about

  • Katie’s crisis of health and path over 10 years
  • How a health crisis inspired changes in her personal and business life
  • Constant attention and reinspiration on the wellness journey
  • The value of investing in results over a long period of time
  • Perspectives about self-care
  • The concept of the one thing instead of multi-tasking
  • The #ladyboss experiment with sleep
  • Combining simplicity with consistency
  • The Wellness Entrepreneur and #Ladyboss Chats podcasts
  • Living with joy and changing what’s not working in our lives
  • Power of our own perspective and mindset

Value Quotes

“I think wellbeing is one of those never ending journeys”

”It was under the radar enough that I could ignore it and keep living my partying mid-twenties life”

“The best thing about it is it did change my entire mindset about what wellbeing really means”

“It’s been an up and down road for sure”

“Having an overarching commitment to be a healthy person who lives for a long time who sees my children grow up is there at the back of my mind constantly helping me self correct”

“Anything worth doing in life we have to do consistently”

“Health and wellness is an investment in a long term game”

“Finding ways in the short term to give yourself that instant feedback”

“Self-care is that whole thing about putting your oxygen mask on first before you can help others”

“I have a tendency to over-commit. I have a tendency to think I can do more than I can”

“The concept that I cannot multi-task so therefore I want to give my attention to one thing at a time”

“In order to do that and do it well you almost have to create rituals particularly before you go to bed”

“Living fabulously comes back to living with joy”

“I remember thinking this can’t be all there is”

“It was a turning point for me in realising I was going through the motions”

“We are only here once so making sure that we are not finding ourselves on this constant cycle of not enjoying where I’m at

“Now is the time, there is no better time to make a change”

“The thing that will move you from where you are to being somewhere else is action”

“The status quo only exists because of inertia”

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