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025 Transform your stress | Margie Braunstein

You need to be willing to live fabulously. Keep seeking and don’t accept less than living fabulously
— Margie Braunstein -

To open the series on mental health, I spoke with the highly experienced and beautifully pragmatic Margie Braunstein from Heartnicity™ about stress, it’s impact on our lives and health and simple things to do to turn negative stress around. I really love that we spoke science, biology and avoiding stretching ourselves to breaking point with there being no value to soldiering on.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Margie 

We spoke about 

  • Reducing the overwhelm people are living with

  • The role of personal development and purpose in Margie’s life

  • Background to the term stress and it’s definition

  • The difference between positive / good eustress and negative / bad distress

  • The role of good stress

  • The disservice of soldering on

  • Awareness of the signals you are reaching the tipping point

  • How stress affects people differently

  • The interrelated impact of stress on an overloaded nervous system

  • Building in our “insurance” against stress

  • The physical impact of stress on the body

  • The relationship between stress, poor sleep and how we function

  • The 3 step Heartnicity™ method of awareness, acceptance and action and it’s application

  • Living on a path of heart being constantly aware of moving toward or away from a stressful life

  • Simple practices for managing daily stress

  • The impact of ruminating thoughts and how to manage this more effectively

  • Indulging in loving self-care every day

Value Quotes 

“When people practice relaxation and meditation the nervous system is given a chance to relax a bit”

“There’s nothing better than discovering that there’s more to discover”

“It’s all about actually how to use your heart to have a better life and to manage your feelings better to manage your life better”

“Stress is generally seen as something to be avoided, stretched too far or stretched to breaking point”

“When you reach a limit, you need to replenish yourself”

“In our world we keep getting the message, keep going, soldier on and we go over the tipping point and head over the other side of the hill towards exhaustion and breakdown”

“We need to give our nervous system as much rest and support to come back to a relaxed state as often as we can throughout our day, our week, our life”

“Between our comfort zone and the tipping point there’s a sweet spot that’s very joyful and vitalising”

“Too much inflammation in the blood especially by cortisol is really seen as underpinning most disease processes”

“When you are stressed your amygdala becomes hyper vigilant to anything that could be dangerous even sleep”

“Becoming aware of how you think and feel. Once you become aware then you can make different choices. You can transform the way you see the world.”

“If you resist people or situations they don’t actually go away. But by resisting it you give more of your attention to it and it becomes this vicious cycle”

“Once you let go of resistance you kind of liberate yourself, body, mind and spirit”

“Moving away from the victim mentality and then you move into a kind of state of heightened personal power”

“When you act from a place of personal meaning it activates all the chemicals in our body that are really good for us”

“Consult your heart not just your mind when you make decisions”

“Feelings come and go, thoughts come and go, but I remain stable”

“You don’t want to believe everything you think. Most of it is delusional”

“There’s no thought without a feeling.  They are parallel, they always there together”

“Bad stress really underlies so many of the problems we have in our world and so I really want people to transform stress”

“Once you start to give your body a little bit more support, the nervous system more support to relax you actually find you start to have more energy for life and relationships”

“You need to be willing to live fabulously. Keep seeking and don’t accept less than living fabulously”

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