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000 A journey of a 1000 miles | Bev Roberts

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
— Lao Tzu -

I spoke with Helen Campbell, my mentor who has become a very good friend of mine and often holds the mirror up for me.  We all need someone like that!  I wanted to share my journey with you in a way that would have you understand why I am so passionate about wellbeing.  Every single step I have taken has brought me back to the essence of who I am and what is important in my life.  I feel so energised interviewing everyday people with inspirational stories or exploring expert insights in my first podcast series. I hope that each episode gives you an actionable insight to live fabulously every day.

Understand my drivers and a little about me...

We spoke about

  • How the idea for the podcast came about

  • What the podcast show is all about

  • Key parts of my story

  • One of the biggest obstacles on my journey

  • Some of my interests and hobbies

  • What I would like to create over time

Until next time fabulous podcast listener, I’m Bev and I invite you to live the fab life with me now!

Value Quotes

“I kept my focus on unlocking the answers within about what was important to me, making the right choices for me, avoiding stinky thinking and putting myself first in my life”

“I surrounded myself with positive people who lifted me up when I felt overwhelmed, who took me in and who cared enough to walk by my side unconditionally”

“Is my granddaughter an interest?  What can I say she lights up my life and makes me feel so joyful and I love her simple curiosity about her world.  I have learned so much from her in just one year of her life”

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