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001 Life beyond the plate | Andrea Beaman

I think loving yourself is the key to Living Fabulously
— Andrea Beaman -

What fun I had speaking with Andrea Beaman, a renowned Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef and Thyroid Expert who teaches worldwide using a natural healing approach.  Andrea faced her own health crisis and shares her journey to wellbeing in an informative yet humorous way.  Her passion for wellbeing is contagious and her warmth, knowledge and insights into holistic health makes this topic accessible to everyone.

Inspire yourself with these essential insights from Andrea


  • The wake-up call of Andrea being diagnosed with Thyroid Disease

  • Andrea’s determination to heal her body by changing her diet and her lifestyle

  • Lessons learned about herself from having this disease

  • The need to take responsibility for our health and ourselves

  • Andrea’s mindset and belief that we are perfectly designed

  • Bringing back the wisdom of the elder women in their sagehood

  • Getting on with life as food is only one aspect

  • Finding a way to love yourself and honor yourself

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Value quotes

“I literally am what I eat, and my self-care is of the utmost importance for me, to be here healthfully, and happily here on the planet, in a body that works”

“Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Honor yourself”

“I'm a firm believer that disease can teach us so much about ourselves”

“The mindset that I have is that I am perfect exactly as I am”

“Do the best that you can with what you have”

“My first responsibility is to make sure that I'm functioning well”

“We need to eat food. It needs to be delicious, but it also has to nourish us”

“Get beyond the plate, because there's life beyond your meal and beyond your refrigerator”

“Find some way to incorporate some form of self-love and self-care every single day”

“I'm big into the traditional forms of healing”

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